Adding services. Improving economies. Bettering lives.

For over 50 years, Naples Lumber & Supply Company has added many services and products to its list of offerings, with an eye toward the bottom line. And not just our bottom line, but yours as well. The results? A full-service company dedicated to the art of successful home building.

What began in 1971 by owners O.D. Jones, Dick Greenwell and Walt Walmsley, is today one of the largest lumber and supply companies in Southwest Florida, with 10 acres of inventory, a full showroom and an experienced, dedicated staff of more than 70 trained professionals. The company today is owned and operated by a former employee and longtime Neapolitan Ron Labbe.

With a focus on customer service, Naples Lumber & Supply is constantly seeking ways to add new services and to improve economies. Perhaps no better, tangible example of this exists than its re-engineered fleet of trucks. These full-size vehicles — unique to the industry — enable a single worker to load and unload an entire semi-truck of lumber and custom pieces quickly, safely and without damage to the contents, resulting in unsurpassed efficiency for its staff and significant savings for its customers

But at the day's end, it's our relationships with our customers and our community that matter most. Naples Lumber & Supply maintains the values and traditions that have kept this local, family-owned company successful for over 50 years. Our goal is to continue in this vein by adhering to core values, strengthening our existing relationships and vigorously pursuing new ones.

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