Truss Manufacturers in Southwest Florida

Naples Lumber & Supply has been providing trusses to the Southwest Florida construction market for the past 50 years. As times have changed our approach has adapted to those changes.

Naples Lumber routinely researches the market to seek out cost effective quality suppliers and manufacturers for trusses, doors, windows, hardware, millwork, and lumber.

We strive to provide our customers with the following list of the “best in market” truss manufacturers to offer our valued customers focused, innovative and cost-effective floor and roof truss layouts, engineering design and trusses. By providing options to our customers we can connect them to truss manufacturers for both wood and steel truss products.

Multiple manufacturing locations enable us to introduce our customers to truss manufacturers serving a broader geographic range which often leads to quicker turn-around times and better service.

The following list contains truss manufacturing companies that specialize solely in truss manufacturing. Since designing and building trusses is their only focus, we believe that they offer our customers the prioritization and attention to detail they deserve for this critically important part of the construction project.

Trusses from Scosta

SCOSTA Corporation


Trusses from Southwest

Southwest Structural Systems

Contact: Marlon Moncada
Cell: 239-878-9299
Office: 239-693-6000

Trusses from DJ Trusses

DJ Trusses Unlimited Inc

Contact: Tim Fears
Cell: 863-513-5428
Office: 863-687-4796